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The New Roommate's Predicament Paul finds his roommate tied and bound on his move-in date.

She's even used a few of my story ideas. Lesbian boot worship. Jenny tries to fulfil her husbands stripping fantasies, with one small error. Naked enf story. Giggling slightly, half-nervous and half-excited, she slid off her bottoms and unclipped her top. Already under-dressed, Jenny cleans her car out at a garage, with a very powerful vaccum.

New Chairs in the Office Office assistant tests out a new product. Jenny conducts a meeting with her publisher, while trying to conceal the fact that she is half-naked. Jenny regrets trying out one of those inversion table thingummies. You are welcome to copy and upload these stories to your own free site so that others may enjoy them. She wore only her swimming outfit because there was no point taking towels or anything else like a water bottle - after her body board she could just go back home and get what she needed.

Breaking Her Spirit An anxiety-ridden college student conquers her fears. See my links below to find more Mindy stories. Women with big tits. Enterprise's systems malfunction, with Ensign Jenny caught in the middle. Office Invasion Tough boss gets special treatment during office robbery. Jenny visits her younger brother now he's in college.

Finally, tired out and panting from the waves, she caught a wave back into the shore. The sun had barely risen and no one else was around. Read my review here. Mannequin X A bizarre talent puts Mary in a compromising position.

There is no one in the office right now. Jenny's Softball Mis adventure: Fun for couples - cams online now! Jenny substitutes as Owen's teacher. Into the Alley A college girl discovers a stranger in an alley. The Fall of the House of Pierpont Three evil tyrants are publicly punished by a sorceress.

Email me if you still want to read it, and I'll point you there. Jenny rides the bus, standing, after getting soaked in the rain. Sex nude sister. Jenny unexpectedly steps into a Lead Role, and out of her panties I hope Emma gets punished in some way in part two. Jenny's stage costume gives her chills You may think that Hairstyling and Lap-dancing have nothing in common - let Jenny re-educate you!

A persistent bee crawls up jennys dress at a party, and no-one will help her. The First Session Fourteen years later, old resentments are worked out.

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Nymph for a day: Just send it to meand if it's on-topic and well-written, I'll include it here. Jenny's husband doctors her clothes ready for a formal evening. Female escort staten island. The Nerd Ascension Pt. Jenny's Day Before Christmas: Jenny is thrown from her bicycle, but her panties remain hooked on the saddle.

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A stage magician tries to make Jenny disappear, but only her clothing vanishes. Jenny Gets a job: After a disaster at her new job, Jenny finds herself naked, in the middle of town, with miles to travel in order to get home. Naked enf story. If this story were circulated amongst a readership of single women, sales of fish-food would skyrocket Jenny substitutes as Owen's teacher.

It's funny cuz it's true. And just for the record, I wholeheartedly condemn the mistreatment of women. The New Roommate's Predicament Paul finds his roommate tied and bound on his move-in date. Jenny goes to a party as a cat, Ashley as a devil, and their problems with clothing ignites a real problem. Lesbian adventure video. Jenny's Husband, her brother Roger, and Ashley's Boyfriend run a pool on how long it will take Jenny to lose her clothes.

Roger recruits Ashley as his ace-in-the-hole. In a Bind A designer drug leads siblings into a compromising position. Finally, tired out and panting from the waves, she caught a wave back into the shore. She was nice, her fans aren't always, I grew weary of the angry emails, so I took it down. Just because a temporal anomaly sends Jenny years into the future, doesn't mean her luck will change.

You just copy and paste the image URL and it shows up automatically. From Create Your Own Story. Looking both ways, the dunes were deserted. Milf with milk. Tales of Petticoat Falls The Erie Kid's collection of humorous short stories, set in a town famous for women losing their clothes.

The Vacation Trade-off Ch. The Roommate Jennifer's roommate finds out about her exhibitionism.

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That's why they're called fantasies, because you'd never actually go through with them in real life. Lesbian office porn. Dark hair, ample breasts, a rebellious tattoo etched on her panty line. Poe; But instead of a Raven, he's visited by a couple of Tits! A persistent bee crawls up jennys dress at a party, and no-one will help her.

Big John makes an honest attempt to clean up his act - but is confounded by a familiar-looking blonde. Kate interviews an Assistant: SillyFilms A site selling short minute videos of cute girls' clothes being pulled off, embarrassed looks, pies in the face and elsewhereetc.

Ah, the infamous Lynda Weismeier story. Big ebony tits ass At her cries, the tourists stopped taking photos and put their phones away. Ashley tricks Jenny into a confrontation with a Great Dane, only to have the tables turned on her. That way, she could still put them on when she came back in case her Mum or Dad were up and about.

Emma smiled nervously as the flashes went off. Naked enf story. Jenny and her new friend work out together in a gym.

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