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Apocalypse are the first two films in the ongoing Resident Evil series.

Towards the end of the film Alice tends to Rain, who has been bitten by a zombie, declaring: The way the sequel has the heroine adopt a maternal role is also problematic from a feminist perspective.

BasementDude BasementDude 1 year ago 2 Nope number of e-huggies received today: In the same interview, Rodriguez invokes the discourse of marketing to explain both her personal and her professional life, noting that she has acquired a "niche" in Hollywood for playing strong women and is consequently often asked out by "biker types. But we were wrong. Simonetta stefanelli nude pics. She could be, I mean Leon already looks like a lesbian. Resident evil lesbian. As the zombie chaos begins, Jill shimmies back to her former precinct.

In fact, the film mitigates any potential homoeroticism in a number of ways. These comparisons, I hope, will help to illuminate how the films — despite containing some feminist and other progressive representational strategies — deploy stereotypes of gender, race and sexuality. We thought we had survived the horror.

When she is removed from the tank, Alice attacks a young male scientist, thrusting a pen towards his eye. As in those films, the moral demarcation of "good" and "bad" girls loosely corresponds to distinctions of race and social class.

A teaser trailer for the film contains a spoof cosmetics commercial for the Umbrella Corporation, the mega-corporation responsible for the viral outbreak that is causing human beings to transform into zombies.

And in both films' narratives, homosociality and homosexuality are thwarted or precluded for the heroines. Leon and Krauser sitting on a tree Your fanboyism for this one is too strong. Corin riggs nude pics. She's a Leon fangirl, though.

Afterwards, as Alice escapes from the medical research facility, she is spotted on a CCTV monitor by a security guard. Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo. Her physical and mental powers, one of Umbrella scientists observes, have been massively augmented. Apocalypse would develop politically progressive and even feminist themes. As Bob Rehak [ open works cited in new window ] has pointed out, the first of the films — Resident Evil Anderson, — is a narratively and generically simple action film "pieced together from AliensNight of the Living DeadPredatoreven Die Hard Sign up for free!

More topics from this board Apocalypse Witt,while narratively closer to the video games than the first film, substitutes fast-moving action for the claustrophobic intensity and intellectual pretensions of its precursor. Afterwards, he introduces himself, somewhat smarmily, to Jill, but is attacked and killed by a lingering hound before he has a chance to complete his seduction. Resident Evil replicates this pattern: Promotional texts surrounding both Resident Evil and Apocalypse trade on sexually alluring images of their female leads.

The two directors of the Resident Evil films Anderson and Witt have created films that are rather distinct in terms of atmosphere and pace.

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Camerawork is also important in fetishizing the white female characters. First, the heroines of these films are not punished for their transgression of gender norms, insofar as they actually do transgress them.

Don't have an account? Even in those scenes in which both characters are present, there is no banter or bonding, and little co-operation between them. Escort passport 9500ix cord. Light, I have always been looking for someone like you. I'm a Leon fanboy, but I still like mocking him. Resident evil lesbian. Rodriguez conceives of her filmic appearance primarily in terms of heterosexual male approbation. The relationship between Alice and Jill in Apocalypse is distinctly cooler than that between Alice and Rain in the first film.

A lesbian who is your husbando? Mindful of their mainstream audience, the filmmakers ensure that while Alice could kiss Rain, she does not. What is interesting about the trailer, however, is that — like the ironic interview comments made by the Resident Evil actresses — it attests to a distinct, yet ironic and ambivalent awareness of feminist concerns.

BasementDude BasementDude 1 year ago 2 Nope number of e-huggies received today: Is this a good pace? Certainly, Alice and Jill remain more or less separate throughout the course of Apocalypse. Alice's first scene in Resident Evil — about which Jovovich ironically remarks: Such statements undermine any simplistic notion that female actresses are objectified against their will by male filmmakers.

Now, your youthful beauty can last forever. I think Leon's rugged good looks and salon caliber hair changed all that. Most popular naked women. Undoubtedly, such images destabilize gender representations such that, as Yvonne Tasker argued some time ago.

This message is reinforced by the pro-life message of the Japanese hotel room scene in the same film, in which The Bride pleads for her life on the basis that she is pregnant.

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Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2: I will also draw comparisons with the hugely popular television drama Buffy the Vampire Slayeron the grounds that, like the contemporary Resident Evil films, Buffy is a text which combines representations of violent and confident femininity with problematic constructions of gender, race and sexuality.

Alice resists the objectifying gaze, attacking the Umbrella Corporation scientists. Terms of Use Violations: In the DVD commentary accompanying the shower scene, she comments sardonically: This can perhaps be explained in terms of promotional strategy.

The camera also frequently tracks Alice's body from behind, fetishizing her body.

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